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Web designers today have many challenges as more companies are cheaping out on their web sites.

Professional Website Development

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The most common professional Website development needed when setting up a website is a basic contact form. A lot of people don't realize there is a back end script to those little forms. The info from the form has to go somewhere to be processed into a readable email. Small scripts like these take no time at all. The larger professional website  development comes in the form of content management systems(CMS), e commerce & shopping cart scripts, payment processing, user accounts and login scripts, etc. These all take time to build properly, set up, and configure.

Some inexperienced companies will usually suggest using a "pre-made" CMS like WordPress or Drupal. For the majority of websites, we strongly disagree. There are downfalls to using these scripts.

The main issue is a huge security hole. Sure everyone will tell you the scripts are secure and safe, but what people don't realize is that these scripts are open source and anyone can get the source code and develop ways to exploit security holes. Just do a Google search for "WordPress hacked" and see for yourself.

Another issue we find most people have is the huge learning curve. These scripts are made to work for as many people as possible, this makes the script huge, full of pages that are useless to most and makes the whole script very confusing to use. We like to keep things simple and easier to use.

Web Mountain provides custom content management systems that are private, secure and reliable. Whatever your website needs to do, it will do, and do it right.